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  • Since September 2019, bushfires have destroyed over 15 million acres across all states nation-wide.

  • Over 2,000 homes have been lost with thousands more being seriously threatened as residents risk their lives to defend their properties.

  • Thousands of people have been displaced from their communities after being left with no choice but to act on state-issued evacuation advice.

Australian craft distillers represent a significant proportion of local business and families that have been seriously impacted by the bushfire crisis.


In all cases, these independent craft distillers have lost their sole source of income, and consequently, their ability to support their families. Even after the initial blazes have subsided, these businesses will still feel the effects of the fires as it has been predicted that it will take weeks, even years, for communities to rebuild and entice tourists and travelers back to these regions.

If we, as supporters of local craft distillers, wish to see the industry continue to grow, diversify and advance, we must continue to support them (even it is from afar). Fire-affected distilleries and the ways in which you can show your support are listed below.

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